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Main Directions in Slideshows

The photographer has the power when it comes to deciding on the main direction of the photograph. Making the decision to take a picture horizontal, vertical, or asymmetrical can completely change the meaning and feel of a photograph. While vertical images are harder to work with they tend to be more visually appealing. The vertical lines can make an image more dynamic, powerful, and exciting in comparison to horizontal photos. While vertical images may be more eye catching, most everything in our society is horizontal; computer screens, TV, camera screens, etc. Horizontal arrangements of photographs tend to “suggest calmness, tranquility, and rest.”(101)

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Humans of Furman University Slideshow

2, 789 different students make up Furman University. It is the faces of these students that represent our school. However, there are hundreds of individuals who are behind the scenes of Furman cooking our meals, teaching our classes, and maintaining our beautiful campus who are not included in that number. It is because of them that we can be proud of our school and it is because of them that Furman University is so successful.

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